Put an End to Wildlife Destroying Your Garden

DEER-D-FENCE® keeps things simple with a system that has been proven for ten years in the rugged Rocky Mountains and in the extreme weather conditions in Montana.

Other fence companies make things confusing with too many choices of fence grades and sizes, many of which do not work. We'll help you solve your "Critter Problems" with one type and size of fence.

Why is DEER-D-FENCE® right for you?
  • Save money: Lighter weight materials do not work. Heavier materials are more expensive and not necessary. Our material is light weight, but strong enough to deter deer, elk and other critters from destroying your landscape. (Over 600 pounds of tensile strength.)

Deters deer, elk and other critters
  • Almost invisible: DEER-D-FENCE® is aesthetically unobtrusive.

  • Easy to Use: Our fencing is designed for easy, permanent installation, but can also be used in various reusable situations. (One roll, 7'6" X 164' weighs only 38 pounds.)

  • Stability: Our 25% carbon-content material provides a very good UV stability.

Almost Invisible
Light weight, but strong material
Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks
Wyoming Game & Fish
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Wholesale Tree Growers
Home Owners
Farmers & Ranchers Fencing Haystacks
Landscapers & Nurseries

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Other Uses

DEER-D-FENCE® makes a great trellis for supporting climbing plants such as Clematis, Honeysuckle and Virginia Creeper and climbing Roses.

It's also an easy way to protect individual trees and shrubs.