Our nursery opens earlier in the spring then the gardens in order to facilitate our customers planting habits.

We carry a full line of vegetable, herb and flower seeds from Irish Eyes Seeds (formerly Garden City Seeds of Hamilton Montana). These seeds are organically grown and will produce exceptional product. We also sell Fisher's Seeds from Belgrade, MT. They have been producing Montana grown seed since 1923. Finally, we have seed potatoes, onions, asparagus roots, bareroot strawberries and raspberries and garlic when available.

We have a large inventory of annuals, vegetables, herbs, cold hardy perennials, shrubs, roses and many, many specially selected trees for this region. We have over 30 varieties of apple trees, 25 different crabapples trees, 25 varieties of maples, 30 different lilacs, 100 different evergreens, 11 kinds of Mountain Ash, 10 varieties of birch, oak and much more. Blueberries, Nanking cherries, saskatoons, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, hazelnuts, walnuts, and oak can all be found in the nursery.

Besides plant material, we can also help you with books, fertilizers, soil, pottery, garden statuary, arbors, garden furniture, deer sprays, deer fence and so much more. Check out our container gardens, hanging gardens and even our fairy gardens. It is just too much fun.

We are delighted to offer you assistance with your gardening inquiries, and do offer delivery services in the region.