Product Reviews

“As a wildlife biologist who frequently works on nuisance wildlife problems, I have seen many types of wildlife barriers and fences. I am most impressed with the DEER-D-FENCE® system. It is one of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing fences that I have seen. Realistically, fencing is the only sure way to prevent damage from wildlife.”

Gene Hickman
Wildlife Biologist
Helena, Montana

“We installed Deer-D-Fence last year. It was easy and quick. Our yard was a pathway for some of the local deer. The day we put up the fence, the deer came up to it, walked the perimeter, and went to the neighbor's yard, where they now spend their time. We have asked our neighbors if they object to having a 7' 6" fence 30' from their windows. Their response has been that they hardly notice it because it blends in so well.”

Howard & Nancy
Fort Benton, Montana

“Thank you for letting us know about your deer fence. We love having the deer around our place, but we were reaching the end of our rope and our pocket book replacing shrubs and flowers eaten by our animal friends. Our animal friends are still with us drooling while observing our shrubs and flowers through our protective deer fence. Our shrubs and flowers are beautiful and we get to enjoy the wildlife too. What an unbeatable combination!”

“We are planning another expansion of our flower and shrub gardens this spring, so get ready for another call from us. Your deer fence will be a necessity for the survival of our gardens. Again, a big thank you for allowing us to have the absolute best of two wonderful and beautiful worlds. We have an abundance of deer around our home and outstanding flowers and shrubs too!

Jim & Arlene Murry
Clancy, Montana

DEER-D-FENCE® is an outstanding fence product. Montana Fence LLC, was introduced to DEER-D-FENCE® during the spring of 2001 as a potential product line. A short time after being introduced to DEER-D-FENCE®, Montana Fence LLC, constructed a quarter mile of fence using DEER-D-FENCE® as the primary fence material. The material was easy to handle during the construction, not cumbersome to install, and extremely strong. This particular fence contract was in an area that was very topographically diverse, with hills, creeks, trees, and rocks creating difficult obstacles. DEER-D-FENCE® provided Montana Fence LLC, the opportunity to lower labor cost. DEER-D-FENCE® adapts to twist and turns better than traditional fence products.”

“The extreme weather condition from hot to cold does not affect the strength of the material. Gates constructed of DEER-D-FENCE® more than held up to the stress of opening and closing. Montana Fence LLC, continued to construct various types of fence using DEER-D-FENCE® as the primary fence material. Customers love DEER-D-FENCE® and so does Montana Fence LLC.”

Travis Brazill
Vice President of Montana Fence LLC

“This letter is a follow up to the fencing project we completed last year using your material. As you recall we had severe crop damage to some of our nursery and flower crops from both deer and a substantial herd of elk. The fence has been very effective in keeping both the deer and elk out. We have had a few deer attempt to get through or over the fence without success, and although the elk herd is still in the general vicinity, they seem to avoid the fenced area completely. To date, we are very satisfied with the results from the DEER-D-FENCE® system we installed. Thanks.”

Steve (installed about one mile of fence around part of his nursery in 2001)
Portland, OR

“Aspen trees are a relatively short-lived species that need disturbance, in the form of fire, cutting, or mechanical disruption of the root system, for the clone to reproduce itself. After disturbance, the clone will send up thousands of suckers. These suckers are green and tender and well-loved by cattle and wild ungulates. Therefore, an active aspen management program includes not only treatments to regenerate dying stands, but also the means to protect the sprouts until they grow out of reach from those that would eat them.”

“Forest Service managers and biologists have initiated an aspen management program in the Elkhorn Wildlife Management Area. About 7 separate aspen stands were treated with fire in the spring of 2002. These stands are all within areas closed to motorized vehicles. Initially, we used mesh wire to create a 7' high barrier around these isolated small aspen stands. It soon became apparent that the wire was too heavy and cumbersome for small crews to efficiently handle.”

“Someone told me that Tizer Lake Distributors carried mesh fence. We bought their 7 ½ foot deer fence. Their fence is very light and easily handled by small crews. It has improved our efficiency greatly. To make the fence stronger and more resistant to pressure, we used barbless wire on both the top and the bottom of the fence.”

Jodi Canfield
U.S. Forest Service, Helena National Forest
Townsend, MT Ranger District

(Note: Since this initial trial in 2002 the Forest Service has continued using our fence in several backcountry areas. It has been fairly effective in keeping out deer, elk, moose and cattle. There have only been very few occasions that these large animals have damaged the fence. It seems to be enough of a deterrent that these large animals simply avoid the fence.)

“Now that I have DEER-D-FENCE®, I am truly enjoying my flowers, vegetable garden, and yard for the first time since I moved here. No more wire cages around every planted bed and bush. It is such a pleasure to care for my gardens without the worry, and frustration that I'm setting a smorgasbord for the deer. It is the best money I have spent on any home improvement and the effect was immediate — I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.”

M. A.
Montana City (or Clancy), MT

“15,000 people a season visit Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum in Montana. Many people spend hours walking through the one-half mile of trails, many of which are only one foot to ten feet from the fence. Upon leaving the gardens many people have asked, 'How can you grow all these flowers and plants and the deer don't eat them?' They didn't even notice the almost invisible fence. ”

“Tizer Botanic Gardens installed almost a mile of fence, half of which has been up for ten years. Deer, elk, black bears and even moose have walked up to the fence hundreds of times. At times the neighbor's cattle get out of their pasture and graze up to the fence. None of these animals ever broke through the fence except on one occasion when the cattle were being chased by someone on a motor bike.”

Richard & Belva
Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum