Reviews from Our Guests

Hear firsthand reviews of Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum from those who have wandered through. From moments of serenity to bursts of inspiration, discover how our gardens have left an indelible mark on the hearts of our guests.

Tizer Gardens is a splendid Oasis. The flowers, the pathways, the creek running through the trees are meticulously cared for and beautiful. The host is very gracious, as I do a lot of weddings there. It is just a very nice, and quaint place!

Linda M.

Absolutely magical in every way! Take a book, some snacks, and your beverage of choice & enjoy all the nooks that this place has to get lost in. If you stay in the cabin(s) you may never want to leave. Thank you Belva for sharing your beautiful property with the world!

Amber O.

Great place to go for a walk or picnic. Lots of lovely flowers and paths that lead to cute corners with tables and chairs. Fantasy fairies and dragons to find for the kiddos. Beautiful rose garden that on a nice day has delightful smelling breezes. Very kind staff as well!

Emily S.

This is one of the most amazing botanical gardens I’ve visited.  I’ve been to some major botanical gardens at large cities who have multi million dollar budgets and Tizer is nothing like them.  It’s only 4.5 acres but it’s rustic, Rocky Mountain amazing everywhere you turn.  There is an amazing amount of wonder in a relatively small space.  You have to wander every path and sit in a few different places to really appreciate the beauty.  I recommend bringing a book or magazine, grab a lemonade at the gift shop and sit in one of the chairs with your feet in the creek.  This is a must see while in the Helena area.

Clint L.

Well worth the visit and entry fee. Lovely winding pathways through shade trees and sunny areas.  The rose garden is amazing! Lots of little nooks to sit and relax or read a book. Picnic area with gazebo and grass.  Kids garden play area too!  Make sure to visit the nursery across the street and both gifts stores. A must see is the test gardens on the nursery side as well. They also have a few little cabins you can rent by the night. Charming gardens and a stream running through the arboretum. We will visit again when we are in Helena!

Valerie V.

This was an unexpected find. My wife loves gardens so, as we travel, we’re always on the hunt… So many hidden curves to explore. And many, many hidden areas with chairs, or a bench, where you can just sit and enjoy the serenity of the gardens. This aspect is so unlike most gardens we’ve gone to. This is really more of an interactive experience. A creek flows right through the gardens, adding to its charm and makes the flowers have sound too. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and takes a lot of time to answer questions. Really worth the entrance fee.

Steve S.

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